New laser software: JobControl® 11.2

JobControl® Cut is a fully integrated cutting software with CAM functionalities for engravers to make Trotec customers even more profitable. JobControl® 11.2 also provides the latest version of the Trotec motion control OptiMotion™+. It stands for highly productive laser cutting and engraving since its market launch in autumn 2018. Therefore the Trotec Speedy 400 can now engrave best quality at a speed of 4.3 m/s. An improved JobTime Calculator and the remote interface complete the improvements of JobControl® 11.2.

Experience the Trotec Difference at NBM Denver

Visit Trotec at The NBM Show in Denver, Colorado, October 11-12, 2019. See how our high-speed laser cutting and engraving systems can give your business a competitive advantage with options such as our JobControl® Vision camera registration software, our unique acrylic cutting capabilities, and our patented dual-source flexx Technology™. These features will be showcased on our Speedy 300 flexx, Speedy 360 flexx, Speedy 400, and SpeedMarker 300.


Rice University Develops Gas Sensors from Laser-Induced Graphene

Graphene is a form of carbon valued for its unique material properties including high charge mobility, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity. Since laser-induced graphene (LIG) was discovered at Rice University, laser technology has received considerable attention as a simple way to synthesize porous graphene. Through ongoing research, the numerous practical applications for LIG continue to expand, from water treatment to supercapacitors and wearable body-condition sensors. Most recently, the research team at Rice University published an article in ACS Nano describing the efficacy of LIG as a gas-sensing material. The team created flexible graphene gas sensors which were able to determine the composition of various gas mixtures through thermal conductivity. They were also able to incorporate these sensors into a cement composite, representing a big step towards “smart” construction materials and the overall adoption of carbon-based electronics.

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2019 Munich Photonics Exhibition

LASER World of PHOTONICS, the world’s leading Trade Fair with Congress for Photonics Components, Systems and Applications, sets standards since 1973—in size, diversity and relevance. And that with a first-rate portfolio. This is the only place that features the combination of research, technology and applications.

The new ULTRA 9 from Universal Laser Systems will make its UK debut at TCT

New ULTRA 9 Advanced Subtractive Technology to Make Its UK Debut at TCT

The ULTRA 9 laser technology is the latest must-have tool in modern digital manufacturing. Having access to both additive and subtractive digital technology gives designers, product development engineers and manufacturing teams the increased flexibility and capability to keep pace with accelerating product lifecycles and dynamic customer requirements. The ULTRA 9 meets all the key attributes of rapid digital technology: wide material compatibility, high precision, and speed.