Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 07 – Acrylic Cutting Tips

Among the many materials, we shared the cutting technique of glued wood in the last issue. With the pace of our tutorial, we continue to share the cutting techniques of different materials. In this issue: Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 07 – Acrylic Cutting Skills Tool material: machine:Laser cutter (80watt) 6mm […]

3 Types Of Laser Cutting Machines And Advantages Of Each

While laser cutting is generally done in the manufacturing industry, laser cutting machines are also being used in schools, medical facilities, and even in the home. Laser cutting is exactly what it sounds like, it is using laser technology to cut into different types of materials. Many manufacturers have realized […]

Characteristics and application areas of laser quenching

Laser quenching technology solves many problems that cannot be solved by conventional heat treatment processes. It has been widely used in metallurgy, automobiles, molds, hardware, light industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and is suitable for heat treatment of various types of parts. How much do you know about laser […]

Laser cutting technology for glass

Glass is an important material, which is used in many industries of national economy, such as automobile industry, construction industry, medical treatment, monitors and electronic products, etc., large-size glass panels used in large-scale manufacturing files such as automobile industry or construction industry, small optical filters as small as a few […]

Han’s Laser Staged In 2019 Hannover Messe

In April 1st 2019, the Hannover Messe opened in AG Messe gelände D-30521 Germany. Since it established in 1947, Hannover Messe has become the most influential industrial exhibition in the world, which is regarded as the “wind vane” of global industrial technology development.

Trotec laser-SP 500 laser cutting machines

.Introduce “Built for efficient production” Trotec Trotec ‘Built for efficient production’,From this slogan,we can know that the focus of trotec laser’s sp series machines is the high efficiency and high performance of cutting and engraving.Designed to maximize production efficiency, the SP Series large format CO₂ laser cutting machines are ideal […]


Glowforge-Glowforge Pro

The Glowforge Pro is a desktop laser engraver and cutter that is intended for home and office use. It’s compatible with a wide range of materials, including leather, wood, acrylic, glass, fabric, cardboard, and can even engrave metal materials like anodized aluminum and titanium.


Universal Laser System-ULTRA 9

It can be said that Universal Laser Systems is one of the earliest laser machine manufacturers, and Universal Laser Systems has extensive experience in this field. Therefore, we can see many different types of machines on the product page of the company’s official website, Universal. Laser Systems offers a wide range of modular components that can be configured into more than 1,000,000 different laser system configurations, giving you the ultimate flexibility to build the best solution to meet your needs. The ULTRA 9 platform offers laser material processing for the widest possible range of materials. It is designed and ideally suited for precision material processing in manufacturing, research and development, academic research, and prototyping environments. With its unique modular architecture, customizeable solutions can be easily reconfigured with a wide array of options for enhancing performance, capability, and safety to complete the perfect solution to meet present and future business needs.