Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 02 – Effect of Speed on Cutting Effect

Our previous tutorial talked about “the effect of power on the cutting effect” and learned that the greater the power, the greater the energy and the deeper the cut. But today, the little expert brings you another factor that affects the cutting effect – speed.

laser cutter tutorial
The theme of this issue: Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 02 – The effect of speed on cutting effect
List of items:

laser machine : laser cutter(80W)

laser soft: RD works

Glued wood board: 3mm

parameter settings:

Cutting speed: 20mm/s

Cutting power: 1%, 10%, 50%, 70%

Cutting focal length: 6mm

Whether to blow: weak blowing

Comparison of effects:

When it comes to speed, perhaps many people don’t know what the speed change is. They don’t know whether the speed of the speed directly affects the good or bad of the cutting effect. Let’s compare and analyze the speed change through the cutting effect.

laser cutter tutorial

It can be seen that when we change the speed with constant power, the cutting effect will become deeper and deeper as the speed slows down.

laser cutter tutorial
laser cutter tutorial

At speeds of 500 mm/s and 100 mm/s, the blocks are not cut through, the slits are narrower, and the cuts are shallower.

laser cutter tutorial
laser cutter tutorial

When the speed is 20mm/s and 5mm/s, the wood block is still not cut through, but it can be clearly observed that there is a big difference. Compared with the above, the slits tested here are wider and the cuts are deeper. And the edges of the cut wood are darker in color.

in conclusion:

We can draw a conclusion from the above test results, that is:

The faster the speed, the lighter the cut, the higher the efficiency

The slower the speed, the deeper the cut, the lower the efficiency

So, when we are sure to cut through the material, we recommend maximizing speed and speeding up efficiency.

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