Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 03 – The effect of blowing on cutting

In the last two issues, we learned about the factors that affect the laser cutting effect, power and speed. So today, as always, let’s talk about the next factor that affects the laser cutting effect – blowing.

In this issue: Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 03 – The Influence of Blowing on Cutting

things needed:

Laser cutter: Nova 35 (80W)

Glued wood board: 3mm

parameter settings:

Cutting speed: 20mm/s

Cutting power: 25%

Cutting focal length: 6mm

Whether to blow: strong blowing, weak blowing, not blowing

Comparison effect:

The picture below shows the effect we just cut. We can see that there is a big difference between strong blowing, weak blowing and no blowing.

laser cutter tutorial

It can be seen that the cutting effect of strong blowing is the best, the cutting edge is not not smoked by the smoke, and the cutting process is not caused by heavy smoke, and the processing process is more environmentally friendly and safe.

laser cutter tutorial

The weak blow cutting effect is the worst. When the weak blow is cut, the edge has obvious smoke marks, which greatly affects the appearance.

laser cutter tutorial

Let’s see again that the cutting effect without blowing is not bad with strong blowing (thin wood, 5mm or more has good blowing effect), but there is a drawback in not blowing, that is, a lot of smoke is generated during the cutting process. Without the strong flame retardant, the material is very easy to catch fire when cutting, and the danger is great.

laser cutter tutorial

in conclusion:

Based on the above tests, we can draw the following conclusions:

Strong blow and no blow cutting

Weak blow, the worst effect

Therefore, we recommend that in the cutting, in order to protect the lens, reduce smoke, generally choose strong blow cutting. Of course, even if there are many advantages to strong air-jet cutting, it does not mean that all materials should be blown. For example, when cutting acrylic, the effect of not blowing is better.

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