Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 06 – Wood Cutting Tips

After a series of laser cutting advanced tutorials, I believe that you have mastered the contents of the previous issues, but today we take a little time to review the past issues.
1. The higher the power, the deeper the cut
laser power
2. The faster the speed, the shallower the cut
laser power
3. In order to protect the lens during cutting, get the best effect, try to blow strong
4. The best focal length can get the best cutting effect. When there is no special application, Leiyu laser cutting machine uses 6mm focal length

You can see that the past few issues are related to the setting of parameters, so today, let’s share a special content – material. We all know that the laser cutting machine faces different materials and the set parameters will be different.
This issue: Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 06 – Wood Cutting Tips
Tool material:
Laser cutting machine: 80watt
3mm thickness glued wood board

parameter settings:
Cutting speed: 35mm/s
Cutting power: 45% – 50%
Cutting focal length: 6mm
Whether to blow: strong blowing

Comparison of effects:
For glued wood boards, we found that different power, speed, focal length and whether or not blowing have different effects. Below we will analyze the above-mentioned logo as a case to analyze:
1. Power setting is 45% – 50%
Many people ask: Why should we set the minimum power and maximum power when cutting? In fact, the speed at which the laser cuts a straight line is faster than the speed at the corner. In order to cut through the board, we will set the minimum power and maximum power. In addition, we need to know that in the case of cutting through the board, the power setting is not as large as possible, and the power is too large, the cutting edge is black, the material The back honeycomb panel is seriously reflected.

2. The speed is set to 35mm/s

We all know that the faster the speed, the higher the processing efficiency, but it is not recommended that the cutting speed be set only to the value of the board. The unevenness and bending of the material itself may cause the laser to cut through the board. Therefore, setting the cutting speed slower helps the pattern to be completely cut through.

3. Blowing
According to the results of previous experiments, the cutting of the glued wood board works best when it is strongly blown, so we may choose to blow strong air when cutting the board.

4. Focal length 6mm
In the case of cutting through the wood, the focal length of the Leiyu laser is 6mm. Of course, ensure that the material is flat before cutting, and avoid material waste caused by incorrect focus.
in conclusion:

Let us summarize the above analysis. Combining the previous issues with the effect of glued wood (for example, 3mm thickness), we have the following conclusions:

1. Power setting is 45% – 50%
2. The speed is set to 35mm/s
3. Choose to blow
4. The focal length is set at 6mm

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