Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 07 – Acrylic Cutting Tips

Among the many materials, we shared the cutting technique of glued wood in the last issue. With the pace of our tutorial, we continue to share the cutting techniques of different materials.

In this issue: Laser Cutting Advanced Tutorial 07 – Acrylic Cutting Skills

Tool material:

machine:Laser cutter (80watt)

6mm thickness acrylic

parameter settings:

Cutting speed: 5mm/s

Cutting power: 65% – 70%

Cutting focal length: 6mm

Whether to blow: do not blow

Many friends have feedback to me that cutting acrylic is very troublesome, and it is prone to problems such as uneven surface, strong concave and convex, white edges of the cutting edge, and melting of the honeycomb panel. What should I do?

Comparison of effects:

Compared to the commonly-cut glulam board, the acrylic cut does not seem to be as simple as it is supposed to be. It is not possible to follow the cutting parameters of the board. In order to cut the acrylic smooth, smooth, the edges are not whitish and the honeycomb panel does not reflect, we have a simple analysis of the acrylic cutting test below.

1. Power setting is 65% – 70%

The minimum power and maximum power are set because the speed at which the line is cut is faster than the speed at which the corner is cut. We say that the faster the speed, the lighter the cut. Therefore, in order to be able to cut through the sample, we usually set the minimum power and maximum power.

2. The speed is set to 5mm/s

We all know that the faster the speed, the higher the processing efficiency, so we will increase the power increase speed as much as possible when cutting the general material, but the acrylic is different. The too fast speed will make the cut surface not smooth, and the bump will appear. Feeling, so in order to cut out a smooth effect. We need to keep in mind when setting parameters: increase power and reduce speed.

3. Do not blow when cutting

Many people have the problem of whitening the cut surface when cutting acrylic. This is because he uses the air blowing when cutting. So if you want to cut the smooth effect, please turn off the blow, and also remind everyone that When you do not blow the acrylic cutting, please be sure to guard it. Because there is no strong blowing flame retardant, the material is easy to catch fire during the cutting process. If you find a fire, please turn off the machine in time.

4. Overhead cutting

When cutting acrylic, if you want to avoid the problem of edge melting caused by honeycomb panel reflection, we can solve it by overhead cutting.

in conclusion:

In summary, we know that when cutting 6mm acrylic, we may set the power to 65%-70%, the speed is set to 5mm/s, and at the same time, choose not to blow during the cutting process, and use it when appropriate. The overhead cutting method is used to solve the reflection problem of the honeycomb panel; of course, but we want to cut out the effect of the matte, just a simple step, that is, the blow is opened, so that the acrylic that is cut will have a matte finish. The effect is.

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