Laser engraving machine safety precautions

No matter what we do, safety is always the first element. For the more dangerous thing like laser, safety is more important. Let me introduce the safety precautions of laser engraving machine.

  • when co2 laser machine is working, the operator must stay with co2 laser machine to avoid unnecessary loss. Think of the machine as a friend who is inseparable.
  • During co2 laser machine working, the upper cover of co2 laser machine must be put down in case of laser beam deviating to hurt people.
  • Because inside laser machine there are laser part and high pressure part,etc. So it is is banned to dismantle laser machine by non-professional worker.The laser cutting machine is not a toy that can be disassembled at will.
  • All parts of the machine must be fully reliable grounding, in case the static electricity cuts.When the insulation inside the appliance is damaged, the electricity flows from the ground to the ground, and people don’t have to worry about getting an electric shock.
  • Because this kind of laser is not visible light, and equipment are strictly prohibited placed near flammable and explosive substances, in case the laser deviation to fire.
  • Any irrelevant total reflection objects or diffuse objects are prohibited inside laser machine in case the laser beam is reflected out to hurt people.
  • The operator must observe laser machine at any time during working. (such as irregular processing,the abnnormal sound of machine, the temperature of circulating water,etc.)
  • It is banned to push and/or to pull the laser head and its gantry during the machine electricity process.
  • The machine environment is without heavy pollution such as strong magnetic interference and strong electricity.
  • when the voltage is instable, it is banned to open laser machine. Or one regulator must be used.
  • It is prohibited to use laser machine if no be trained.
  • The continuous working time for laser machine can’t exceed 5 hours (In midway it is needed to rest more than half an hour)
  • Water cycle must be kept clean, water temperature cannot exceed 20 degrees-30 degrees (suggested the pure water)
  • it is strictly prohibited to open laser machine when maximum data appears in ammeter state. In case the laser power is broken and to shorten the laser tube life.
  • Laser power used basic limit (i.e. no more than max. 20mA of ammeter)
  • if the machine hasmalfunctions or fire please immediately to cut off power supply.

Well, the above is almost all safety precautions. For general laser manufacturers, the manufacturer does not take any responsibility for the above problems, so we must be careful ourselves.

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