The daily maintenance and cautions

The laser machine is work stably very well,which is closely related to correct operation and daily maintenance. The following is shown you some details about daily maintenance and cautions.

The daily maintenance:

the working atmosphere is not so bad.If if the environment temperature is beyond 30 degrees, less than 18 degrees, dust too much, air pollution is serious, this machine is badly damaged, failure rate is rising; Wet environment makes all electrical accessories very vulnerable.

1. changing the water and cleaning the water box.

Tips: Every week to clean water box and to replace the circulating water by clean water.

please attention that before work,there must be full of cuirculating water inside laser tube and no bubble.

The water quality and water temperature of circulating water directly affect the service life of laser tube. Warmly suggest that to use pure water, and water temperature is controlled less than 35 degrees Celsius.If the temperature of circulating water is beyond 35 degrees Celsius, please to replace circulating water to bring down. Perhap to add ice into water to keep water cool.(suggest: to choose industril water or two pieces of water box together to use.)

Cleaning water tank: first to shut off the power and pulled inflow pipe out , let the water inside water tube automatically flow into water tank. Then, to open water box, remove the water pump, clear the dirt of water pump. The water box after cleaned, to change circulating water, the water pump into water box, will connect pipes of water pump with inlet opening of laser tube again. Please finishing plug and run water pump for 2-3 minutes (to make the laser tubes full of circulating water)


2. Cleaning the exhaust fan

After long time to use exhaust fan, there will be solid accumulation of dust inside fan so that large noise will be made and also go against exhaust and clean peculiar smell.

when the smoke is not enough to exhaust or inadequate suction, firstly power off. Please discharge pipes of exhaust fan to clean their interior.Then let the fan stand its head, and move the wind leaf inside out to clean very well. Then to assemble the exhaust fan very well.

3. Cleaning mirrors

Tips: Before work every day to clean mirrors. Please keep the laser machine power off when cleaning.

There are three pieces of reflector mirrors and one piece of focus lens for light path of laser machine. ( the first reflector mirror is located in the outlet of laser beam. The second reflector mirror is in the left of laser machine’s transom. The third reflector mirror is put the upper part inside laser head.The focus lens is put the bottom of laser head that can be adjusted up an down.

The laser light is firstly reflected by reflector mirrors. Then to focus by focus lens into laser head. The mirrors are easy to pollute by dust or some other contaminants to waste laser light or to destroy mirrors. The first reflector mirror and the second reflector mirror can not be dismantled. You can use special lens paper with cleaning liquid to wipe from inside to outside. The third reflector mirror and focus lens is needed to get out from laser head to clean. After clean, please install them like before.

Note: lens should wipe gently, Do not damage the surface coating; When wiping , it should be handle them gently and carefully. Please be sure to keep the concave down of focus lens when install.

mirrors guide rail

Tips:please clean the guild rail every half a month.The laser machine must be power off.

The guide raid and linear shaft is the key part of laser machine, which are used to support and to guide to move when working.In order to keep high precision when processing, so the good quality of guide rail and linear shaft is necessary to equip inside laser machine to insure wonderful guidence and stable movement. During working,some dust and wastes will be covered on the guide rail or the surface of linear shaft, which will affect the precision,and pollute their guide rail and linear shaft to shorten lifetime. So please do daily maintance to guide rail and linear rail to work stably with high accuracy.

Notes : Please prepare dry cotton and lubricating oil to clean guide rail( ok to use sewing machine oil).


5.To fasten screws and couplings

after a period of time, the screws,joint of couplings of motor system will loose, which influence the mechanical movement stability. Therefore,Please check the machine wheather there will be abnormal sound or abnormal phenomenon during working.If so, Please timly maintenane and to fasten screws. Meanwhile, the laser machine is used a period to time. Please to fasten its screws one by one.The first time to fasten screws is after one month or so.

6. To check light path

The system of light path for laser machine consists of reflector mirrors to reflect and focus lens to focus together. There is no migration problem for focus lens.But the reflector mirrors is fixed by mechanical parts. So there will be probably migration problem. Please check that the light path is good or not before working.

7.Timing belt , timing belt rotation

The timing belt, timing belt rotation is the important part of transmission system for laser machine, which control the laser head to move. After a period of time, the timing belt will be loose.It is necessary to fasten so that to keep laser head high accuracy and sensitivity.

Adjustment Methods: to adjust the timing belt of X-axis and Y-axis to appropriate tensioner degree. To adjust the timing belt of motor driver, the tense should be kept the subsidence for both ends with the center distance when to press the middle of timing belt.


If the belts have adjusted tightly, which will not only make transmission belt easily tensile deformation, and will accelerate bearing wear; If too slack,it will reduce driving accuracy and sensitivity .So the tension of synchronous belt should be adjusted to the best state.

To adjust the synchronous belt in Y-axis to make synchronization with appropriate tight degree , and both sides of the synchronous belt tensioner degree is consistent. So the timing belt will move stably to keep high quality of processing effect.

Synchronous belt should be far away from oil or chemicals, with no acid alkali oil and organic solvent and let synchronous belt to keep dry and clean condition.

The rubber of timing belt has a aging problem. If the rubber of timing belt is serious aging ( or wear)must promptly replace new leather belt. Please attention that weather the timing belt matches with the timing belt rotation or not. The timing belt rotation will be loose or wear after used a period of time.Therefore, it must change in time and lock tightly.

Please attention that the timing belt must match with timing belt rotation.

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