Trotec laser-SP 500 laser cutting machines


"Built for efficient production"
‘Built for efficient production’,From this slogan,we can know that the focus of trotec laser’s sp series machines is the high efficiency and high performance of cutting and engraving.Designed to maximize production efficiency, the SP Series large format CO₂ laser cutting machines are ideal for businesses working with demanding large-format cutting applications in acrylic, paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, textiles and many more.

.Technical Specifications

Laser System SP 500
Laser type: CO₂ laser
Work area: 49.0 x 28.0 inch
Max. workpiece height: 4.4 inch
Laser power – CO2 40 – 200 watts
speed 6.5feet/s(1980mm/s)
*Source: Data from the official Trotec laser machine

1.Ceramic laser tubes-reliability, high engraving quality and longevity

As a conventional non-metal cutting/engraving laser machine, the Trotec laser sp500 is selected as a co2 laser tube, and the Trotec laser systems are equipped with a new line of CO2 laser sources from the US-based manufacturer Iradion Laser, Inc. And patented laser source concept stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity. Unlike other manufacturers’ CO2 laser tubes, the resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic.
The advantage of the ceramic laser tube is that it has good sealing performance. Different glass or metal laser tubes do not have any welds, so he will not leak due to long-term use, and the ceramic laser tube is manufactured because of its unique burning. Method, and also clean the laser tube very well.
Secondly, the ceramic laser tube has the advantage that the gas it produces is very pure, because its optical components are mounted outside the laser tube and excited by the ceramic laser tube, so the gas is not affected by the metal and the balance of the gas mixture is destroyed.
Third.Ceramic lasers can be operated at much greater pressures resulting in faster pulse speeds, which in turn are critical for high speed engraving and marking applications. Laser users can benefit from highest engraving quality. Also, the electronics’ innovative architecture features a lower energy consumption. Benchmark tests show a reduction of up to 30%.

2.Multifunctional Table Concept for Laser Cutters

The laser machines of the trotec laser sp series have Multifunctional Table Concept for Laser Cutters. Their laser machines have four working platforms: Slat Cutting Table, Aluminum Cutting Grid Table, Acrylic Cutting Grid Table and Honeycomb Cutting Table. You can choose different according to your needs.

3.InPack technology - dust protection

We clean the dust of the laser machine, not for the beauty of the laser machine, but for the lens, the rearview mirror or electronic equipment and the motor will damage or affect the engraving effect due to dust.InPack Technology provides optimal protection for all these components. This is why Trotec laser machines operate with virtually no maintenance or cleaning requirements, even for most intensive use. This means higher productivity and lower lifetime operating costs.

4.JobControl® Laser Software

The Trotec laser driver uses the JobControl® laser software to quickly convert source files and design drawings. Simply send your design from your PC to the laser. The Trotec printer driver uses Quick Print to send the file directly to the laser or the Laser software JobControl®. A host of clever features allow you to optimize your workflow. No other laser software supports you better in working with your laser.
In addition, the laser machine’s panel can be well connected to your computer. In other words, your computer is the control panel of the laser machine. For example, you can search the laser directly in the computer instead of the small machine panel.Your screen as a “virtual laser machine”
Generally speaking, since we don’t have much experience in material testing of laser machines, when we make different works with different materials, the setting of working parameters is the most troublesome, except that we can go to the official website to find out, maybe It is necessary to test different data multiple times, and this often takes us a lot of time, and the core function of JobControl® solves the user’s problem very well. It has a material database, in addition to the officially set data. In addition, you can also store your own unique material data for easy management.


Trotec Laser is a leading international provider of advanced,As a small laser cutting machine in its sp series, sp500 has spent a lot of energy on the design and function innovation of the machine. If you are interested in small laser cutting machine, it may be one of your choices.